Good Food Quality means Happy Customers

People love eating out in the UK, with 74% of us eating out between one and six times a week in 2014. That’s a huge number! With so many people going out to eat, there are several factors that influence the answer to the oh so difficult question: “Where to eat out today?”

Type of cuisine, price, location, customer service and most importantly food quality are all points to consider. According to recent research by Grass Roots, 46% of people said that food quality was important to their overall experience. Now there is a general prejudice that more expensive and traditional (posh) restaurants have good food quality and that quick-service restaurants, such as ourselves, don’t. That is a big misconception! In fact it is only last year that quick-service restaurants outperformed full-service restaurants with a 77% customer satisfaction rate in the National Customer Satisfaction Index 2014.

Chopstix pride ourselves on delivering excellent food quality for good value for money. We love to see our customers leave our restaurants with full tummies and smiles on their faces! Chopstix is dedicated to delivering delicious meals, using fresh vegetables and quality chicken breast, cooking fresh every day, facing those sizzling woks day in day out, cooking small quantities to maintain freshness, not adding any additives (our food is tasty by itself!). All our operations are geared to deliver the best meal possible!

CK Li, our Executive Head Chef, the skilful hand behind Chopstix’s signature dishes said: “Any chef worth their salt should strive to cook mouth-watering meals. I have always carried this passion to cook the best I can which is something I have trained all the Chopstix chefs in. Everything else comes later, first your food should be great!”

So the next time you find yourself asking, “Where to eat out today?” visit one of our Chopstix Noodle Bars where you’ll always find our food hot, fresh and delicious!