Consistency in Operations

Running a business, any business, is a hard and demanding job. Exploring the world of franchising is an exciting possibility that offers great rewards for those who dare and try. Consistency in brand and operations is key, it is what brings home the bacon, but in our case the chicken!

Chopstix co-founder, Sam Elia said: “The success of Chopstix over the last decade to now is attributed to the operations team both above and below site. It is due to our consistency and standards across business processes and procedures that we are expanding so fast. Regardless of which Chopstix Noodle Bar our employees work at, they all have the same procedures and level of standards to follow. This is what ensures our customers always have the same Chopstix experience every time!”

Now having processes and procedures in place is one thing, it is another thing to actually have them executed. You need to provide your employees with the right tools and a good training program to achieve that consistency in operations. At Chopstix we have a full operational training manual available on our online Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Noodles, and we provide a comprehensive four week on-site training program for franchisees, restaurant managers, chefs and sales advisors in one of our centres of excellence. We provide frequent training with regular operational reviews and improvements. This is what allows you to maintain your standards throughout.

Following an integrated standards program will help you in many ways, ranging from making strategic decisions to daily operational actions. It:

  • Gives you stability and visibility in your business
  • Helps you optimise your productivity and cost management
  • Simplify internal communication and collaboration with franchisees
  • Improves your assessment, planning and scheduling of your operations

Chopstix offers a lucrative business model, backed by sustainable growth for investors in the quick-service restaurant sector. Our training is designed to help our franchisees learn how to maintain the same high standards in each site. This is our recipe for success!