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Chopstix to debut in Swindon

Swindon is set to get an authentic taste of the Orient, when CHOPSTIX, the UK’s fast-growing food brand, opens at The Brunel Shopping Centre today, located on the first floor of The Brunel Centre near to the new escalator and opposite House of Fraser, will offer visitors to the popular centre a selection of freshly prepared and cooked chicken and vegetarian dishes accompanied by a choice of noodles or rice. Shoppers will then have the option to take away, or enjoy their meal within the centre’s spacious food hub. Chopstix now has 75 stores across the UK and Ireland – 25 of which are already located within shopping centres and the opening in Swindon marks the continued expansion of the fast-growing brand, which has seen its outlet count double in less than 18 months. Max Hilton Jenvey, the Chief Operating Officer at Chopstix Group notes; “We are pleased to be opening our doors within The Brunel which fits perfectly with our strategy to successfully grow the visibility of Chopstix by increasing our profile within the country’s most popular shopping and retail hubs. We look forward to offering busy Swindon shoppers something new and exciting in the food court, with our value for money and tasty dishes, which also offer a healthier, fresher and faster alternative.” Kevin Gwilliam, General Manager of The Brunel said: “We’re delighted to welcome Chopstix to the centre. Chopstix’s noodle bars are becoming a feature in many shopping destinations. The fact that they have selected Swindon Town Centre and The Brunel for their latest venue is a real vote of confidence in us.”

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How to use chopstix

First step is to take one chopstick, hold between thumb and index finger of right hand. Extend right arm up over head and calmly call out to the waitress, “Excuse me ma’am, could you please bring me a fork?”
Often foreigners in Asia are complimented on how they use chopsticks. Many, however, are not actually using them properly. Then again, neither are most Asian people.
But can you spot the proper way to hold chopsticks? In the pictures below you can see different ways of holding chopsticks, but only one way is the right way. Can you tell which?*

how to use chop pic

There’s more to chopsticks than meets the eye. From their humble beginnings as cooking utensils to paper-wrapped bamboo sets at the sushi counter.


The use of chopsticks has been a part of Chinese food culture. In ancient times, chopsticks were called ‘Zhu’. Our ancestors liked to steam or boil food, where it was difficult for them to use spoons to dip vegetables in the soup. Thus, the ‘Zhu’ were born.
Chopsticks represent the ability to make do with minimal resources. They are a cultural icon in many Asian countries. Their simplicity is a direct reflection of the ancient maxim, “less is more”.
However, there are some taboos that you must pay great attention to, or you are at risk of being laughed at.
Firstly, don’t use them to noisily hit the side of your bowl or plate; Chinese people believe only beggars would do this. Secondly, when you use them, don’t stretch out your index finger, or use them to point to others. This would be regarded as a kind of accusation. And lastly, don’t insert them vertically into the bowls or dishes. Chinese people do this only when they burn incense to sacrifice the dead.
So what do you do?
Read our article, and become a chopsticks pro, or remain boring and ask for a Knife and Fork.

*Picture 6